$25 Emergency Exam
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8382 N Wayne Dr, Hayden, ID, USA

Have you experienced a dental emergency like a knocked-out tooth, broken tooth, oral injury, or tooth pain that just won't go away? Northwest Natural Dentistry provides holistic-based emergency exams that are delivered with your total-body health in mind! If you need urgent dental care, call us immediately to schedule your emergency dental exam!

Northwest Natural Dentistry
8382 N Wayne Dr Suite 202
Hayden ID 83835
(208) 667-4844

Primary dentist : Dr. Cory Harker

Description : Northwest Natural Dentistry is proud to serve our patients in Hayden, ID and beyond, with health-focused treatments, advanced technologies, and safe, mercury-free fillings and restorations that promote total-body health.

Services : Preventive Holistic dentistry, ozone dentistry, safe mercury removal, Platelet-rich Fibrin, restorative dentistry, biomimetic dentistry, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, comfort dentistry,


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$25 Emergency Exam
2 weeks ago | 0 views
8382 N Wayne Dr, Hayden, ID, USA
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